Gondola C10 Fieberbrunn

ACompany: Carvatech Karosserie und Kabinenbau GmbH
Engineers: Handel Engineering
Notified Body: Ingenieurbüro Sehnal
Start: February 2010

The cabin (C10) with a capacity of 10 persons as its maximum carries the guests from the valley station passing the central station at Lärchfilzhochalm to the top station and overcomes an elevation difference of 504m. The total number of 54 cabins and a travel time of 6,5 minutes leads to a capacity of 2400 people per hour.

The unique design creates with its transparent corners a panoramic view, and the height of 2,1m couses a completely new feeling of space for the skiing guests. The integrated seat heating accentuates the particularity of the C10.

The contract of the office Handel Engineering includes the static calculation of the cabin considering the structural safety as well as fatigue. The construction of the new cabins was part of the company Carvatech Karosserie und Kabinenbau GmBH.

The cabin is manufactured in aluminum. The main structure consists of welded shaped tubes, the seat construction is made of flat products and aluminum sheets and is connected to the main structure. After completion of the static calculations, the cabin was subjected to a fatigue test, based on the maximum loading including a double safety. In this test the cabin passes the entire life in fast motion.

Project team: Handel, Schribertschnig, Schweighart