Aerial Tramway Karwendel

Company: Carvatech Karosserie und Kabinenbau GmbH
Engineers: Handel Engineering
Notified Body: Ingenieurbüro Sehnal
Start: April 2011

The two new cabins, replacing the old ones, lead the guests from the Bavarian Mittenwald (933m) up to an elevation of 2244m. The top station is close by the western Karwendelkarspitze (2385m), and serves as a starting point for hikers, climbers and skiers. The Karwendelbahn overcomes a length of 2486m with a maximum gradient of 92% and a maximum speed of 36km/h. The travel time for one distance is approximately 7 to 10 minutes.
The contract of the office Handel Engineering includes the static calculation of the cabin considering the structural safety as well as fatigue. The construction of the new cabins was part of the company Carvatech Karosserie und Kabinenbau GmBH.
For the Karwendelbahn the old cabins were replaced by new ones, however the cabine hanger of the old stock remains for the near future. The static design of the new cabin is based on a number of 30+1 persons. This assumes a new and strengthened cabin hanger. The current business with old hangers but without tank can be performed with a calculated number of 25+1 persons. At the bottom of the cabins a tank is attached, to transport water and diesel fuel to the top station. In this case, a number of persons of 10+1 is permitted.
The cabin is manufactured in aluminum. The individual profiles are connected on one hand by welds to each other and on the other hand using rivet connection details. The roof and the walls consist of shaped tubes, and the primary floor structure consists of composite cross sections.

Project team: Handel, Schribertschnig, Schweighart