Aerial Tramway Monte Bianco

Company: Carvatech Karosserie und Kabinenbau GmbH
Engineers: Handel Engineering
Notified Body: Ingenieurbüro Sehnal
Start: 2012

The new Monte Bianco SkyWay cabins are replacing the old ones. The three stations, Pontal d’Entrèves at 1300 m, Pavillon du Mont Fréty at 2200 m, and Punta Helbronner at 3466 m, are connected by two cableway sections
The SkyWay cabins are designed for 80 people and able to rotate full 360 degrees along the route, affording a full view of the surrounding peaks.
The contract of the office Handel Engineering includes the static calculation of the cabin considering the structural safety as well as fatigue. The construction of the new cabins was part of the company Carvatech Karosserie und Kabinenbau GmBH.
The cabin is manufactured in aluminum. The individual profiles are connected on one hand by welds to each other and on the other hand using rivet connection details. The roof and the walls consist of shaped tubes, and the primary floor structure consists of composite cross sections.
Projektteam : Handel, Schribertschnig, Schweighart