Kastner & Öhler Graz

Client: Kastner & Öhler
Architect: Michael Szyszkowitz, Karla Kowalski Graz
Engineers: Zenkner & Handel Graz
Execution steel construction: Metallbau Treiber Graz
Project start: April 2001

In the context of a large-scale rebuilding including simultaneous extension of the sport house Kastner & Öhler in Graz by the architect duo Michael Szyszkowitz and Karla Kowalski a glass facade was designed, which extends over the entire height of the sport house and creates a transparent edge of the building to the inner court. The supporting framework of this facade was designed as hanging construction. The entire self weight of the used steel as well as of the glazing is led upward across suitable vertical steel sections into the roof structure build up of I-beam sections. Therefore it was possible to use very slim profiles for the vertical tension members. At the lower end they were vertically movable supported, in order to be able to compensate arising length variations of the facade. To carry the horizontal wind load it was necessary to install two frameworks into the two planes of the steps in the facade. The two edge hangers of the front were attached horizontal two times each to the existing walls, whereby the vertical motion possibility was ensured by the arrangement of long holes. The glazing was realised as insulating glazing with 6+8 mm toughened glass. Since it is not freely accessible from the individual floors, it could be done without safety against falling down. To make the assembly easier the entire front was prefabricated and delivered in three parts to the building site. These parts were assembled with screwed connections, which accelerated the construction work on site.

Project team: Handel, Rauchlatner