Triton Square London

Architect: Sheppard Robson London
Steel & Glazing: Waagner Biro AG Vienna
Statics: Zenkner & Handel Graz
Project Start: April 00

The characteristic of this building (11400m² office-area) lies in two facade-constructions, consisting of a pre-stressed steel and glass-membrane. Their dimensions (length x height) are about 38 x 31 m.

The 6-point supported vertical glass-panels (1,5 x 3,9 m) are supported by a pre-stressed cable-mesh (stainless steel). On the other hand the horizontal cables of the mesh are supported by 4 vertically arranged main truss girders with a distance of about 7,5 m. These main-trusses are composed of pipe- and casting cross-sections.

Beside the wind loads, the fact that the facades are curved also causes forces out of plane of the facade for the initial state of pre-stress . These additional loads are one of the main stresses for the main-trusses and the reason for, that the main-trusses have to be built high-pitched of about 40 mm to reach their straight form after pre-stressing.

The vertical loads caused by pre-stress are beared by suspended trusses on top an at the bottom of the facades.

Project team: Handel, Mandl, Schribertschnig, Glettler, Rauchlatner