Botlek Bridge Rotterdam

Architekt/Architect: Architekt/Architect: Quist Wintermans
Bauherr/Client: A-Lanes A15
Subunternehmer/Sub contractor:
Waagner-Biro Bridge Systems AG
Statik Seiführung/Static cable sheaves
Handel Engineering
Projektstart/Project starts:Juli 2012

The existing Botlek – lift bridge was replaced by a new lifting bridge. The new bridge system is char­acterized by the world’s highest weight, the high­est stroke rate, and the highest lift speed. The lift height is 31 meters and is dealt with in a time of 90 seconds during the opening or closing opera­tion. The bridge is opened approximately once every hour, this lead to the relatively large number of 9000 openings per year. With a wingspan of 90m each and a bridge width of 50m the lifting weight is 4850 tons each.
The lift bridge is part of a 36-kilometer long sec­tion of the highway in the west of Rotterdam. On the bridge, a double-track railway line is also per­formed in addition to four lanes including two emergency lanes.
Our scope consisted mainly of the processing of static rope-guiding elements for the bridge and the counterweight taking into account the structural safety, as well as due to the high number of open­ing and closing operations, taking into account the fatigue safety.Projektteam: Handel, Kerber, Schribertschnig, Schweighart