Gateshead Newcastle

Gateshead – England
Architect: Norman Foster & Partners London
Engineers: Buro Happold
Steel & Glazing: Waagner Biro AG Vienna
Statics Steel und Facade: Zenkner & Handel Graz
Project start: July 2001

The Music Centre Gateshead, designed by Foster and Partners, is situated at the river Tyne near Newcastle/England. Its shell-like form encloses three main performance spaces. The roof area is 12 000 m2 with a projected area of approximately 8 500 m2.
The roof structure carries all loads like wind and snow and also satisfies the buildings physics.
Four main arches with a span of approximately 80 m, each supported by four columns, take the main structural conditions of the roof structure. The secondary structural condition is taken by rectangular placed beams, which span from one main arch to the next. The overhanging canopies at the east- and west facade are supported by three sloped columns.

Project team: Handel, Rauchlatner, Pichler, Kirchgasser, Kernler, Salzgeber, Sindlgruber