Mumuth Graz

Architect: Ben van Berkel, UNstudio Amsterdam
Engineers: Ove Arup London
Statics: Zenkner & Handel Graz, Graber & Szyszkowitz Graz
Project start: June 2000

In 1998 an European wide competition for the extension of the Musical University Graz was announced. The 1. place was made by the Dutch Architect Ben van Berkel.
The abbreviation “MuMuth” stands for Music and Music Theatre. Beside a theatre for the Students with most modern stage equipment the building contains rooms for rehearsals.
The main static element of the building is the concrete twist connecting the 1st floor with the 3rd floor. Due to the complex geometry of the twist an finite element calculation is required. The shape of the twist was designed because of architectural reflections with the aid of 3D- computer programs. This 3D- Computer model the structure can easily be imported to the finite element program. A new and expensive modelling of the structure is not necessary.

The static calculation is performed together with office Graber & Szyszkowitz.
Project team: Handel, Zenkner, Hess, Pichler, Schribertschnig, Sindlgruber, Kernler