The Thing & The Wing

The Thing & the Wing – Graz
Architects: „ortlos architects, association for experimental architecture and interface; Graz
Client: Stadt Graz, (Graz 2003 Kulturstadt Europas)
Place: Expressway Exit Graz
Project start: February 2002

„The Thing & The Wing“ are 2 steel sculptures, those at the motorway exit Graz to be established on the occasion for the year of the European culture capital 2003 after the planes from architects Ortlos.
“The Thing” is a steel sculpture, consisting of a inside lit head stored on 4 curved hollow pipes of translucent fever glass. This head is formed of 2 half shells, their shaft sections exhibit approx. 7m and/or 5m. The height of this sculpture amounts to 25m.
The Wing” is approx 38 tones heavy steel sculpture with a length of approx 60m and width of 6m. Those maximally height amounts to approx 9,3m. “The Thing & The Wing” consists essentially of curves hollow pipes (wave lines), which are connected by bracing.
Additionally to this concept still are set up 4 curved walls of fever glass with a maximum height of 5,9m. These fever glass elements are in a framework from rolled section.

Project team: Handel, Kirchgasser