Tsing Ma Hongkong

Tsing Ma & Kap Shui Mun
Dilatations Bridges: Waagner Biro AG Vienna
Rails: VAE Zeltweg
Dynamic Train Calculation: Zenkner & Handel Graz

In Hong Kong was built one of the largest suspension bridges of the world, the bridge Tsing Ma. The order for the rail dilatation was issued to the VA corporation and the Waagner Biro S&M. Because of the length of the suspension bridge of 2200m is this transition construction the largest, which was ever built. For this rail dilatation on behalf of Waagner Biro S&M the dynamic answer was determined.
The theoretical bases of a time step calculation were to be compiled and be implemented into a new computation algorithm. The choice fell on the central finite difference method, concerning the critical time step and extensive comparative calculations. The proofs were led with different passage speeds, absorption characteristics and different dynamic in situ damping were evaluated. The results of the computation occupy the quality of the draft and show that no relevant dynamic effects arise for the design speed of 140 km/h. For the computation of the dilatation of the bridge cape Shui Mun the algorithms were extended to mobile masses.

Project team: Zenkner, Handel